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Social Animals - Sociology

Mom with her daughter in the seacoast

This post is the sequel to my previous post about human nature as the individual creature. 

Other human natures that we are going to discuss is humans as social creatures. 

Social refers to the word "companion" or friends which implies that humans need other humans to express and live together in a geographic area as a society. 

We will use the word friends to refer to the companion or other people, as it will be shorter and easier to use in any context.

There some reasons why humans need friends:

1. Humans necessarily fulfil primary needs

Primary needs here means foods and beverage, without primary needs we won't live long as they are the basic needs for supplying energy into humans body.

Since a long time ago, humans hunted animal in a small or big group of people to bring an animal home. It would be a pretty harder task if humans working in-person to catch vicious animals because, at that time, humans had minimal tools, the fact forced humans lived and worked as a group.

To date, we cannot still work for all of our needs alone. For example, we spend many times working or learning, we literally have no time to hunt or scrape off for foods. In another case, food producers wouldn't run their business without material served by other humans, wouldn't it?

2. The urge to protect ourselves

Okay then, I'd encourage you to remember a situation where you were in danger, where you barely went through it by yourselves, then you might have shouted out for help.

We also need other people to express our ideas and emotions, with art or just a small conversation. Almost impossible for humans to live without having any friends to talk and help-needing, as it means we wouldn't have had no language or art, in which they are parts of human existence.

3. The urge to regenerate

Humans always want to regenerate theirs to a new generation. The urge is clearly seen in adulthood, where people start looking for mates to whom they have sex.

If the urge is prohibited, humans would have started disoriented. The urge is a signal that we are living creatures, without the urge, humans wouldn't have been extinct for a long time ago because they lacked the urge, ended up with no generation.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay.

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