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Human Being - Sociology

A guy is working with a laptop on his desk

Have you understood about yourself as a human being?

Human is the objective of every social science, especially sociology in which studies social interaction. We are classified as an animal group (Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, called it a social animal).

Ehmm, it sounds interesting, right? Since today's trend is talking about self, as if we should forget about the society where we live. In this short post, I'd like to deliver the concept of human nature to increase self-awareness so that we could farm a good-social connection between you and others.

According to the oxford dictionary, the word "individual" means single; separate; a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.

From the definition, we get a takeaway that humans are unique creatures with no one being totally equal or similar. Even those who have a twin must have something that makes them different from one another. It might be their favourite things or even the way of their learning.

Here are some differentiations we could find on humans as individual creatures:

A. Physically different

We walk along through the crowd or just standing in a queue, we have noticed they have different hairstyles, height, and surely their faces. We were born by two parents who have different genetics and then inhering them into their newborn babies like race and ethnicity.

Two guys playing smartphones in public

Image by natureaddict from Pixabay 

Moreover, our habits also partake in shaping our posture. Let's look at people's new habit of spending much time looking down on the phone. A 2019 research conducted by Maria Elizabeth Cochrane et al. proved that smartphone use affects posture and can cause a long-term problem like a chronic neck.

B. Socially different

As human beings, we were all born in a society (at least consisting of two people), and then our family's social background pour into us, such as social status and gender creation. We will talk about it in detail in other posts.

Prince Edward's selfie with his black uniiform

Have you ever asked yourself why Prince Edward was born as a royal child? This is what social status means; no one was born in the same social status; even civics could be differed by their possession of education or wealth.

C. Personally different

Personality is a pattern of behaving, thinking, and feeling. The pattern is something that we always use as references to think or behave in a stable way and in any situation. The personality is very subjective because besides being created biologically, the environments and specific experiences also partake as creators of each individual personality. We widely know Introversion and Extroversion in general.

D. Differential capability

This is becoming one of the determining factors that make us varied. First of all, each human's varied capabilities make them be put in a more various job position, which increases the intricacy of hierarchy in an organization.

Secondly, this puts an emphasis that we need different treatment or ways of doing and learning something. There's no such intelligence is always about math, and leave others. Everyone is unique, and they have different learning ways, something that makes you succeeded, it doesn't mean will give the same result to your friends.

Continue to the next chapter, Humans as the Social Creatures.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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