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Definition of Sociology

A man opens his sociology book in the urban crowd

Definitions of sociology according to the prominent figures' perspectives

Auguste Comte 

Sociology is a positive study about every social phenomenon's basics, distinct from social statics and social dynamics.

Social statics was derived from social physics refers to the condition of society that is in equilibrium. It happens when all the social institutions interact with one another orderly and the functional relationships between the parts and the social system as a whole. Social statics studies the fundamental elements that bind society into unity, such as languages, religions and the division of labor. 

Furthermore, social dynamics were also derived from social physics, which refers to studying society's basic need to change. Auguste Comte focuses on the internal and external social forces that trigger social changes in society, as well as how society reacts to the changes. He argued that society changes to be better and more intellectual by providing three stages of society's evolution based on the evolution of mind through the theological, metaphysical, and positivist stages.

Emile Durkheim 

Sociology is a science that discusses social facts. They exist around us as well as are uncontrollable and inevitable for individuals as society members, such as norms and values. Still, they can literally restrain and affect individuals' behavior and thought.

Max Weber

Sociology tries to interpret social actions more reasonably to be deducted into deeper understandings. In his opinion, social actions are taken by considering our preferences like values, norms, goals, and emotions.

Karl Marx 

Sociology studies society with its interaction between social classes. He was well known for ideas about capitalists (bourgeoisie) who utilized and oppress the proletariat with lower wages, and when society realized the exploitation, society would overthrow it with revolution.

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