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Hi, my name is Fahmi Maulana. I currently study sociology at Indonesia University of Education (UPI). At my bachelor's degree, I spend much time doing quantitative and qualitative research. Besides the academic activities, I also like teaching and giving a presentation by joining in some volunteers. I also like to write my ideas down while listening to mellow music (my favourite musician is David Archuleta).

Since I was young, I was inquisitive about many things, especially science and social life. I always had many questions to ask about. That's how I am driven to looking for data to answer all of the questions I had and others' by research. I find it fascinating to collect and use data to know the answer and help other people draw an accurate conclusion.

I currently working on my skills in presentation, writing, and research skill by:

  1. Being an intern as an academic team greatly impacts my theoretical skills as a base for research.
  2. Being part of the Research Development Division at ASEAN Youth Organisation.
  3. Developing a website for honing my writing and ICT skills. I hope my ideas will help others out of their curiosity about sociology.

In the future, I plan to be a social researcher by pursuing my degree into masters.